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Breathwork science, news and other helpful resources

Breathwork in the news

Lotus Flower

Here is John Crace’s piece in the Guardian.  His experience of breathwork with Alan Dolan (who Anna trained with) overcame his scepticism. 


Guardian article on benefits of functional breathing.

Image by Carolina


Max Strom, who has taught breathwork for 20 years, reveals his insights into the healing power of the breath.

Breathwork science

Image by Pierre Bamin


Wonderful study by Emma Seppälä and colleagues. 

Collecting Seashells


This is one of the most important breathwork studies to date.

Image by Jason Leem

Just one 5 minute session has significant benefits on vagal tone and anxiety in young and older adults.

White Plants


How Conscious Connected Breathwork creates Altered State of Consciousness (ASC) and shows its potential as a psychotherapeutic tool.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Conscious connected Breathwork affects those parameters of brain activity and mood status that are associated with a better mental health condition.

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