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Breathe with me

If you feel like you are interested in going deeper into your healing, you can book a private session or join one of the upcoming workshops in London. You can also call Anna at your workplace, which is a time-saving way to improve your well-being.


A 1:1 session is a profound experience using Conscious Connected Breathwork as an active meditation to quickly and safely release unhelpful tension, emotional charge and patterns of thought your mind and body have built up over your life. 

Every session is tailored to the individual. We will begin by exploring your history and what you are looking to achieve out of our session(s) together. You will learn simple breathing techniques and get guided verbally throughout the whole session. Acupressure and sound will be used to deepen your experience if you choose so. You will have Anna's full commitment of support and be held safely.

Breathwork is very supportive for stress, tension, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, fear, grief, sadness, anger, trauma and insomnia but also nourishing for someone who is doing well and feels ready for the next opening—the next layer of peace, clarity, connection, and insights.

Introductory session 1,5 hr £100

Subsequent sessions 1 hr £70

Private sessions
Soft Surface

Join a workshop

Yoga Studio

Designed to rebalance your nervous system and work through conditioning of the mind and body. With Breathwork it can be possible to achieve the blissful states of no-mind, no-where and no-time that dedicated meditators take years to achieve, with just less than an hour. Letting go of stress and moving towards peace and clarity. 

Corporate class

Workplace Wellbeing

According to The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics, work related stress is one of the top causes of sickness absence in the UK. 

Breath is like a master remote control to the automatic functions in the body. Those functions dictate the state that we are in. Learn scientifically proven techniques that will:

Reduce stress

Increase focus and energy levels

Switch off at the end of the day

Improve overall physical wellness


Workplace sessions will empower you to understand the science of your breath and how to use it in your advantage. Anywhere, anytime! 

“Breathing is one of the only systems in the body that is both automatic and under control – that is not just an accident of nature or a coincidence, but an invitation and opportunity to take part in our own nature and evolution.”
Dan Brule


I can't thank you enough for tonight's workshop. I have tried Breathwork couple of times but was never able to get out of my head. This time the space felt so safe I could really surrender into the experience. An absolutely fabulous session. I feel elated and that it opened up many avenues in my head. 

Rosie, Sustainability Manager

I felt quite nervous before my first session but Anna's calming presence put me at ease straight away. First breathwork session was mind-blowing experience. I was able to process things and emotions that felt stuck in my mind and nervous system for years. After three sessions I am feeling less anxious, more connected to myself and there has been moments of peace and self-compassion I previously thought impossible. 

Lucy, VR Designer

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